The power of the woman in leadership

Yolanda Cuba Vodafone2 CEO of Vodafone Ghana , Yolanda Zoleka Cuba

Fri, 30 Nov 2018 Source: Ahmed Abubakar Saddique

How do you feel when there is this stereotype against the WOMAN anytime she wants to take up position of leadership, be it in Politics, Corporate governance or other places ? How do you explain this phenomenon to ordinary people about the fact that , the WOMAN is not capable of leading any group ? How has our society fought well in advocating for the WOMAN to believe in herself and realize that, she is capable of leading and leading so with much competence that yields positive results?

I , in particular, have been wondering about the fact that , the WOMAN , anytime she brings herself up especially for leadership role, is been looked down upon . The cliche about the fact that , the WOMAN belongs to the kitchen is one that makes me sick and makes me ask : WHO SAYS THE WOMAN BELONGS TO ONLY THE KITCHEN AND THAT , SHE CANNOT LEAD?

I have always being an advocate for a woman to lead because the WOMAN is always determined to cause a positive change . It is my dream to one day to see a WOMAN elected as the president of the Republic of Ghana. It is my dream that , there will be more women in parliament as it is in Rwanda and other countries. It is my dream that , our society will move away from the cliche that ,the WOMAN belongs to the kitchen but that , the WOMAN can lead and lead well to the admiration of the many.

If anybody thinks what I am saying is a lie , let?s look at women in positions of trust in our country and how well they are pursuing the change agenda . The likes of the First Chief Justice, Madam Theodora Woode, who left a good image for the judiciary. We can talk about Ms Sophia Akufo,the current Chief Justice, Ms Josephine Nkrumah, the chairperson for the National commission for civic education, the chief of staff ,Madam Frema Opare and the Hajia Alima Mahama , minister for local governments and rural development.etc

In the corporate world , we can talk about the CEO of Vodafone Ghana , Yolanda Zoleka Cuba , etc All these women , in leadership, have excelled to the admiration of the many because of the positive impact they made whiles leading . Which is why I always advocate for the WOMAN to lead because, I believe, the WOMAN is a better leader.

We can also talk about Yaa Asntewaa of the Asante Kingdom, who lead the Asantes to the war . This is a woman who has taught us that , the power of the WOMAN in leadership can not be underrated and hence, the WOMAN should be encouraged,supported and pushed to take up the mantle of leadership positions in our country.

Even at home , my mum , Hajia Rafa , who happens to be a WOMAN, who has not ever been to school, single handedly lead to look after six (6) children and gave three (3) of us the best of education up to the University level , one (1) to The midwifery school and the other with University of CapeCoast, currently pursuing Diploma in Education. Which is why when i founded Rural Smile Foundation (NGO), I prioritize the empowerment of WOMAN at the center of our operations.

Around the world too , we have seen , Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel of Germany, Theresah May of Britain , Margaret Thatcher , Queen Elizabeth as well as the first female president of Liberia, Sirleaf Johnson who have all lead with distinction.

In the chest of a woman is not only an extension of breast and a feeble heart but a flaming desire to possess and use power.? Efo Kodjo Mawugbe has stated in his book.This rightly tells us about the fact that , the WOMAN has got the power to lead and rightly so , make a lot of bigger difference in the lives of the people she leads .

In the Akan parlance here in Ghana , it is no wonder the WOMAN is described as ?OBAAPATANPA? which means ? a good mother ? . And so, if the WOMAN is OBAATANPA, why do some people think they can not be good leaders in Politics, Civil Society and other institutions?

Usually, there is this cliche that , the WOMAN in leadership is pompous and rude , which to me , is a fallacy of hasty composition. The WOMAN only need an open space to display her POWER , KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS to serve the many .

The power of the WOMAN in leadership certainly cannot be underrated. Which is why I call on you reading for us to rally behind the WOMAN and inspire her to be bold to take up leadership roles because, the WOMAN , when entrusted with leadership roles , lead well to the benefit of the larger society.

God bless the WOMAN!

God bless GHANA,our motherland and make her GREAT and STRONG .

Writer: Ahmed Abubakar Saddique

Columnist: Ahmed Abubakar Saddique