Work force of Ghana Police Service are not grateful to Ghanaians

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Wed, 23 Mar 2022 Source: DOCTOR KWADWO YE-LARGE

Support of the rule of law and guaranteeing that the inward tranquility of the nation is looking great has been crafted by Ghana Police administration with help from sister security organizations. This throughout the long term stayed the conventional act of progressive legislatures to guarantee that, the correct thing is finished. For example, there has generally been yearly enrollment of work force into the help, ordinary advancement of serving officials, proper inside reshuffling and moves following accepted procedures by guaranteeing that, no official is cheated.

Government appoints them different obligation focuses with better compensations joined to work with their work. As of late, government introduce more than 300 CCTV cameras the nation over on the different streets to help the police check street crashes and careless driving by lowlifes. Engine bicycles and watch vans are been given by progressive states to help them carryout their protected command and the people who tragically pass on in line of obligation are given extraordinary treatment or convention.

Pay rates and different recompenses are paid on schedule to guarantee that, they are all around dealt with to play out their work for mother Ghana. The current Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare is generally on the ground with his men to help resolve of the field faculty to set up their best. This multitude of responsibilities are outfitted towards working on their day to day environments.

Be that as it may, what we as Ghanaians receive consequently from the police is the inverse. For example, there has been different instances of equipped burglary for at some point now and one out of hardly any, police official is one of the guys, commonly bullion van theft and banks. Work force on street check focuses the nation over annoy and somewhat threaten street clients for cash. Some even have their permit been seized by police officials beneath the position of monitor just in light of the fact that, the mentioned cash's as pay off has not been paid.

Police is to safeguard lives and properties however not to shoot and kill nor incite a battle. Yet, lately, police refrains regular citizens is the situation. Lamesghegu, Ejura and Ayawaso west wougon are regular models where such cases are been recorded. Government spends a great deal to get weapons and working devices for them to battle hoodlums for Ghanaians however not really for them to betray us as decent residents.

What the police need to know is that, the power moved by a moving shot is far higher than that of a moving stone held by a regular citizen in such examples. Examinations on crooks cases generally cease to exist in the possession of the police which Ghanaians see it as dishonesty been practiced on us. For example, the case including the hijacked Taadi young ladies, the instance of late Hon. JB Dankwa Adu; MP for Abuakwa North and numerous others has demonstrated to us that, police staff are not prepared to serve the interest of Ghanaians.

Until it is demonstrated if not, Ghana Police Service will stay an obstruction to the tranquility of the country.