Would a Ghanaian call the white man a racist while tribalism is much prevalent in Ghana?

TRIBALISM Tribalism or racism can be very destructive

Sat, 1 Jan 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Very often, if the word racism is mentioned, many people think of a white man, hating, manhandling, and exhibiting a force of violence against black people.

However, we have black people that hate white people too and black people that hate other black people too, that is what is called tribalism in Africa.

Racism is the biggest problem worldwide, including in Europe and the United States of America, often leading to violence in communities.

Black people keep accusing the white man of being racist, yet the same black people hate one another in African countries because of tribal and cultural differences.

Tribalism is particularly widespread in African countries. Among the reasons for this phenomenon are ethnic diversity and the stability of remnants of tribal relations, making Ghana one of the African countries built on a strong foundation of tribalism.

Despite Ghana being a strongly religious country with Muslims and Christians living peacefully for decades, the country is divided with hate because of the impact of tribalism.

For example, in Ghana, an Ashanti hates a Fanti, Ga, Ewe, or Hausa, just because they come from different regions.

In Nigeria, a Yoruba hates an Igbo man, while in Sierra Leone, a Mende hates the Creole or the Temne man hates the Mende.

While all these tribal differences are causing problems in Africa, the same Africans turn to accuse the white man of racism. Does this make sense?

Why do many Ghanaians hate each other because of tribal differences, yet will accuse the white man of being racist?

As a writer, I have experienced many attacks and insults from readers who don’t agree with me.

Some do insult me just because I am a Fante, yet in Europe, I don’t experience issues about the color of my skin or my tribe to accuse the white man of racism.

Until cultivate the habit to love themselves because of tribalism or racism, Ghanaians or Africans, in general, must stop calling the white man a racist. Tribalism or racism can be very destructive and lead to violence.

Columnist: Joel Savage