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You Can’t Remove Me For Sale – Adansi “Cadres” – Final Part

The NPP is more determined to win power in 2012 than ever and will go to any extent to grab political power. The NPP has very massive resources to do that and Nana Akuffo Addo now has massive support and goodwill across 8 regions including the densely populated Akan regions as a result of his listening tour nationwide. Nana Akuffo Addo can easily sway floating voters in his favour if the NDC FAILS TO UNITE at the top and continue to play the ostrich by denying that there are no deep cracks in the party. The Elephant can return from the bush and trample on NDC members in 2012. Most Ghanaians generally, would make up their minds between 10 to 6months before general elections. Both the NDC and the NPP will take election 2012 as a LIFE and DEATH battle. Because of the wranglings in the NDC as well as the frosty relations between the Rawlingses and President Mills, the NDC is walking confidently on a very THIN ROPE and victory will be on a very small margin again in 2012. In the NDC, only John and John are the best for Ghana to be PEACEFUL forever.


The NPP still have massive resources from their 8 years in government and they can execute ANY AGENDA than the NDC which can only rely on INCUMBENCY, but in an election year, the ruling government becomes a lame duck government. On incumbency, the largest political rally ever held in this country since independence in 1957 was the KASOA RALLY which was orgnaised in the Central Region by the NPP in 2008. What happened during the general elections that year? Answer: The NPP lost that election with a small margin of only 40,000 votes because there was DISUNITY, but the NPP top guns played the Ostrich as the NDC is doing today 2012. All NDC members must read Arthur Kennedy’s book entitled “Chasing The Elephant Into The Bush”. It is very dangerous to rely only on incumbency in order to win general elections. History is about to repeat itself just 4years after Ghanaians voted out the NPP. The Biggest Minuses for the NDC more than anything else are: 1) Failure to unite the party by mending the deep cracks. 2) Failure to unite with the Rawlingses. 3) Failure to address hundreds of genuine petitions / grievances from aggrieved party supporters and Cadres by the NDC leadership. 4) Baseless complacency has gained root in the party from Top to Bottom and No one Cares a fig. whenever the NDC comes to power, it does different things. Instead of sticking to its party manifesto, it rather multiplies its past mistakes instead of correcting those past mistakes. Therefore, if Merss Nortey Dawuona, Francis David Ayomah and Nana Kwaku Appah should gang up and write a false resolution to the sitting President dated 3rd February, 2012 in support of some 3 constituency organizers who have driven scores of party supporters away from the NDC in an Orphan Constituency like Obuasi. I leave it to all TRUE and COMMITTED NDC members nationwide – but this is exactly what and why I suffered to mobilise Cadres of the United Cadres Front in Obuasi to meet and discuss.

The position of an Organizer in the Cadre Corps is purely voluntary and these 19 Cadres were not prepared to do voluntary work again, that was why they stayed away from 2001 – 2008 – why now? There is something fishy and I detected it with ease. As we met regularly to always review events and developments on the Ghanaian political scene, with the aim of coming out with strategies that could be implemented before and within 2012 for a Mills’ Victory, these Cadres led by Stephen Tannoh of the NFED were also holding regular secret meetings in his office with the mischievous agenda which is different from what I have already written in this article. Incidentally, Tannoh is the Secretary of the Committee now going round to BEG all those who were driven away by the 3 Organisers since February, 2009, I have been urging the Cadres to attend NDC party meetings since 2009 with me BUT they flatly refused – not knowing that an unseen hands had promised them HUGE SUMS OF MONEY if only they could remove me. Therefore on 23rd February, 2012, Mr. John Ackah, the Constituency Organiser introduced an innocent looking tall man to NDC supporters as the new Leader of the Cadre Corps in Obuasi instead of me. Since when did neutral members of a different institution ever appoint Leaders of the Cadre Corps? He introduced the man and told the party supporters that he is called Mr. Albert Osei Yaw. Where were these “TRUE CADRES” between 2001 – 2008? Even after the victory of the NDC in 2009, where were they? Answer, they all vanished into thin air, until I decided to mobilise them to be attending regular meetings, so if they are telling the public that they are the new Leaders of the United Cadres Front in Obuasi, nobody should deal with them at all because they are Deceptive, Dishonest and self seeking Lazy Cadres. I thought I was mobilizing Assets to help move the NDC forward, not knowing that I was rather mobilizing Liabilities to pull the NDC backwards through that false resolution that they wrote to deceive the President of the Republic, as well as their movement to and from the Municipal Assembly daily by these half baked Cadres instead of working in the various party branches in the Obuasi Constituency. Does a true cadre need to be introduced by a constituency Organiser since Cadres are not appointed by Constituency Executives but elected by their fellow cadres. This writer does not need any NDC member or cadre to introduce him to NDC party supporters because I am already known nationwide. I leave the rest to the general public.


All true and committed members of the NDC were known between January 2001 – 2008, so all; the 19 “Cadres” who appended their signatures to the so-called resolution to the President with the sole aim of destroying my hard won reputation in exchange for MONEY did not do ANYTHING TO BRING THE NDC BACK TO POWER. These Cadres all vanished into thin air. No person or group of persons should deal with them. You do so AT YOUR OWN RISK since you will be dealing with a very Lazy Deceptive and Dishonest group. I am TOO EXPENSIVE to be sold by these political novices within the Cadre Corps to some unseen hands for Peanuts. It has backfired completely. Coming Events Cast their Shadows. Is any body listening? I am done! Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Font


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement