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You are not qualified to rule Ghana if you cannot understand that water is life

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Sun, 22 May 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

Water is one of the sources of life as are air and food. Without any one of the three mentioned items in the life of an individual for a certain duration of say, three months maximum, one cannot survive on this planetary earth.

Therefore, it is a matter of necessity that we judiciously preserve and make wise use of all three items.

It is from land that we produce the food we need as a people for our survival. It is from the clean air that we breathe oxygen to sustain our lives on earth. It is from clean water that we drink to survive.

However, in Ghana today, all three items or elements mentioned above, have come under the destructive hammer of illegal surface mining, otherwise known in the Ghanaian parlance as “galamsey”, thus, “gather and sell”.

It is both the natives and foreigners, especially the Chinese, who have flooded the country excuse me to say, vermin, that are destroying the water bodies, the fertile and arable lands, and polluting the air, by their excessive surface mining activities. All they care about is gathering as many gold deposits as they can through alluvial and surface mining as quickly as they can to sell to enrich themselves.

By their imprudent mining, they have ended up destroying all the major rivers - Offin, Ayensu, Densu, Pra, Bia, Tano, Ankobra, Nini, Birim, and Anum, in the country, including most of their tributaries.

When our sources of water supply for drinking and assisting rainfall through evaporation are destroyed, are we as a people and nation not digging our own graves out of stupidity and lack of farsightedness?

Our fertile and arable lands are aggressively being destroyed by those unscrupulously taking to galamsey in search of quick money. While destroying the lands, they also end up destroying people’s cash crops and food farms, depriving them of their source of income or livelihood.

The consequential shortage in food supply leads to a hike in food prices and attendant ripple effects of famine, importation of foreign foods, etc.

The air we breathe ends up polluted, and so also are the rivers through the use of mercury and other dangerous chemicals like sodium cyanide solution used to leach gold from ore.

If the elements for our very existence in Ghana are being destroyed through the quest and insatiable greed and myopia of others, especially foreigners come to exploit us to the hilt, it stands to conclude that any person supportive of that activity from the bottom of their heart is unfit rule Ghana.

When His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, saw the need to rescue the three mentioned items from total destruction at the hands of the galamseyers, John Mahama and his clueless, incompetent, and shorted-sighted NDC members were going round in the country encouraging the galamseyers to continue doing their job. They even promised to resource them to do more extensive galamsey work if they voted them to power.

Is such a person worthy of governing Ghana? He does not know how the destruction of such elements will affect the very existence of Ghanaians in Ghana.

He has amassed great illegal wealth to have allegedly purchased houses abroad for his family's use so he does not care much about how Ghana turns out in the future, destroyed of course. Does such a person that supports the destruction of Ghana, ready to supervise its sacrifice at the altar of galamsey, fit to rule Ghana? No, no, and no!!!

Through John Mahama’s populist politics, he has been able to scupper President Akufo-Addo’s determination to stop destructive galamsey in Ghana. Because of that, our rivers still remain destroyed with our lands being devastated beyond remedy by the day.

Say no to John Dramani Mahama but yes to Dr. Kwabena Duffour and team Dr. Bawumia and Allan Cash.

Ghanaians, please use your head but not your heart when it comes to electing the nation’s leaders.

John Mahama does not qualify for any further chance to come back to rule Ghana. He was a complete misfit in the presidency.

Stay tuned for more information on the person, John Dramani Mahama.

Like the hungry insatiably greedy dog that was not satisfied with the bone in his mouth but desired to collect the bone from the other dog he saw when crossing the bridge over a river, his very shadow, of course, ended up losing his bone. When he opened his mouth to grab the other bone from the other dog, his very shadow of course, he could no longer see any bone in that dog’s mouth.

Out of greed, the dog ended up going hungrier. So should be the fate of former President John Mahama. Let him spend most of the money he illegally acquired when in office, on staging a comeback only for him to lose his money in the attempt in the end to either Dr. Kwabena Duffour or team Dr. Bawumia and Alan Cash.

For Mahama not knowing or understanding that water is life and hence being supportive of those destroying it all in the name of himself winning power to become president of Ghana again, he is not fit for the post. His winning will in essence amount to him condemning Ghanaians to their early death.

Do you want to be pushed by the greed of someone into your early death? Be your own best judge!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo