You are wrong, Nana Obiri Boahen

Nana Obiri Boahen.png Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen

Mon, 14 Jun 2021 Source: Kwabena Aboagye-Gyan

It is immaculately hunky-dory for a politician to traipse the entire country canvassing for votes and working around the clock to perpetuate his/her tutelage.

What is equally significant to appreciate is the crystal-clear fact that the reigns of both the NPP and the NDC have been characterised by lack of decency and empathy, with their members egotistically drawing double pay-checks and plundering the resources of the nation in a two-hands-eating spree, devoid of any iota of compunction.

So what will influence Nana Obiri Boahen, the Deputy Secretary of the ruling-NPP party, to make the egregious claim that “Ghanaians should not take the NDC serious because they have nothing good to offer the country and its people” (See: “NDC seeking unnecessary attention, they are just making noise - Obiri Boahen”, Ghanaweb.com 10 June, 2021)?

For starters, the Deputy Secretary emphatically draws our attention to the nauseating fact that he is a believer of One Party System and wishes such on us. In contemporary times that the whole world is gravitating towards the adoption of a Multi-Party Democracy because of its significance, he is the only person who wishes Ghana adopts a Single Party System, just to satisfy his whims and caprices.

Then also, by that statement, what he staunchly illuminates is that the NPP is the only party that has something good to offer us. Voting for them is the only way to the Promised Land! Is that really true? We have been voting for NPP or NDC ever since I saw light for the first time. What exactly have we achieved?

I am not a detractor of the NPP-NDC puissance and hegemony, but I am only being a patriotic Ghanaian who wouldn’t support any tawdry gimmickry or be caught off-guard sycophantically congratulating any political party.

Undeniably, and rather unfortunately, the average Ghanaian worker finds it extremely difficult to hold his/her head above the waters of abject poverty. That is what we should be focusing on.

In a century where every hardworking human, regardless of social status and class, ought to receive a livable remuneration, only our MPs and other politicians are paid well.

In addition, what we need to point out without any iota of reservation is that we are plagued with economic denudation and other development challenges. Consequently, there is hardly any need for such unpardonably churlish proclamations from either the NPP or NDC.

Thus, it is insulting to the intelligence of Ghanaians for the Deputy Secretary to mention his party’s name in dispatches and superciliously brand the NDC as confused and clueless, thereby mischievously attempting to prejudice the minds of Ghanaians against the party. Suffice is to say that the NPP is not dramatically different from the NDC.

Two sides of the same coin of sorts! Therefore, it is rather pathetic for Nana Obiri Boahen to pontifically tout his party as the only one which is able to carry us to the Promised Land.

Obviously, it is easier for the Deputy Secretary of the NPP to fault the NDC for having contributed nothing towards the development of this country, than to painstakingly and critically examine the underlying causes of our acute backwardness and underdevelopment and proactively seek and sagaciously employ the requisite remedy, especially now that his party is in power.

It is essential to emphasise that contrary to what the leaders of the NPP would have us believe, we are still saddled with most, if not all, of the problems we were saddled with in the recent past.

Columnist: Kwabena Aboagye-Gyan
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