You can only guarantee peace with integrity – Herbert Mensah advises EC chair

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Sat, 12 Nov 2016 Source: GhanaWeb

Ghanaian businessman and sports administrator Herbert Mensah is calling on EC chair Charlotte Osei to desist from engaging in acts that have the tendency to compromise the integrity of this year’s polls adding that it is the only way the country’s peace can be maintained.

While urging calm and tolerance from all stakeholders in this year’s process, the astute businessman was quick to ponder some decisions by the EC chair which according to him have raised eyebrows among a section of Ghanaians.

In a video posted on social media site Facebook, Herbert Mensah said the best way to maintain the integrity of the 2016 polls is to ensure Ghanaians believe in the entire electioneering process.

‘ …It is only with integrity that you can guarantee peace. People may disagree and people vote one way they will vote another way, but they must believe in the process.”

He added, “ To see our current EC boss having decisions overturned by the Supreme Court not once but more than once makes everybody a little bit nervous…we have to believe that decisions that are taken by the EC stand the test of time and with what has been going on I wonder”.

The Electoral Commission has come under a barrage of attacks over acts many believe are questionable.

In April this year, the commission allegedly spent some $500,000 for a rebranding exercise at a time when funding for this year’s polls remained a challenge.

Shortly after, the commission was ordered by the Supreme Court to delete the names of 56,739 from the electoral register for getting unto the roll with NHIS cards.

Many have questioned the EC’s judgement on a number of issues including the electronic transmission of results, voter transfer exercise, proxy voting and the disqualification of about a dozen presidential hopefuls from this year’s elections.

Source: GhanaWeb
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