Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koomson's shooting story

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Comment: Only In Ghana!!

2020-07-25 15:35:31
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Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koom

Professor indeed!! Only in Ghana would such an incompetent lazy thinker be called a security expert! Kwasi Aning is not making any sense leaving out why the mob surrounded the minister and her entourage in the first place but only emphasizing on the warning shot! We picked info long time of how ndc wants to mar the whole exercise whiles these useless so called experts had no idea. Who tagged them security experts anyway? Security experts my foot!! These are the people together with the CSOs were those making millions of cedis and dollars from the incompetence of John Mahama by always fabricating alarms to put fear in him. As incompetent as mahama and his team were, were buying their stupidity. NPPs security gurus may not be PHD holders but are best in the sub region. When we need advice we will consult Dr. VD; the only expert who says it as it is with analysis.

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Akora on Jul 25, 2020 15:35