Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koomson's shooting story

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Comment: Kaesong Aning

2020-07-25 15:44:39
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Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koom

Prof. Kwesi Aning has cleaverly changed the narrative with the sole aim of nailing Hawa Koomson. The story out there is that the minister was being chased or followed by people on motor bikes. The bikers caused a stir when they attempted to ride on both sides of the ministers car, tooting horns, roaring their bikes at full throttle and filling the atmosphere with a huge plume of dirt. The minister became obviously disoriented and a fired a shot from her official pistol to scare the bikers. Hawa did not get to any registration centre where she could have fired a gun. The mischief should stop.

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Ritewing on Jul 25, 2020 15:44