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Comment: Sitting on time bomb

Eagle eye
2020-08-07 13:13:54
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WASSCE: Indiscipline exhibited by students dishear

Masa, past questions are very important towards students exams preparation but it's not a panacea for exams success so I dont see anything wrong if the government wants to assist students in their exams.

Ghana is morally denigrated and there is no person bold enough to confront this problem. Every is scare to talk about the ills and rotten of our society.

Politics is also part of the problem. We celebrate thieves ,corrupt leaders and demoralised hard working people.
How can someone like Tracy Boakye acquired a property and even a professor or a teacher is struggling to pay her trotro fees?

We have to be serious as a country

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Kwame Ansah on Aug 6, 12:33
Eagle eye on Aug 7, 13:13
Sitting on time bomb