EC’s discovery of duplicates during registration and the cleaning thereof

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C. Y. Akoto
2020-08-07 06:18:36
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EC’s discovery of duplicates during registration

The problem of the EC is defending the indefensible. I read Kofi Bentsil's piece about duplicate registration appearing on the register during the current voter registration exercise and I completed agreed with him the other day. EC has now come out to defend their deduplication process of eliminating duplicate names, asserting that it could occur because the registration is offline. That's where I have problem with this organization. For the EC to say that deduplication has been the practice all along is a defeatist approach. The reason why the email analogy proffered by Kofi Bentsil is the best way to go is that it COMPLETELY eliminates any unscrupulous person creating multiple identities in a system. The technology that EC should have employed all along is what is known in Information Technology as creating VPN, and other such technologies, to link all offsite nodes (that's computers, laptops, etc.) to the central database. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It's a dedicated link between only authorized users and the Host computer, being the central database. By employing such technology it'll eliminate any loophole of some unscrupulous persons manipulating the system because every registration WILL happen in REAL TIME.
C.Y. Akoto
MCP, Systems Engineer + Internet

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