Extinguishing needless NDC propaganda over new voters roll, a case of the exhibition exercise

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2020-09-26 19:33:06
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Extinguishing needless NDC propaganda over new vot

Antwi, i don't know when you were born and how far you have gone in learning about the EC, since this 4th republic.
But reading through your thought less piece, i think yiu must learn and learn good before wasting yiur time to write, because sometimes one writes to expose his or her foolishness.
If you and many of you trying to misunderstand what the NDC, is complaining about makes one think that , are we a nation thinking or playing FOOLS.
If one knows the meaning of the word " exhibition ", and the reason why such an excise is carried out , then i can't understand why any reasonable person will be alarmed for some one to point out the flaws at a point.
The EC, before the registration told the whole world the system they have is the best that has even been in the system, so if at one polling station one finds as many as 21,000, names missing and duplication of numbers and photos is it not right to ask why?
If we live in a society where one can't think critically then we are all fools as a people.
Anybody who has his or her hat on , will ask why.
If you have list your hat , please find it .

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