Pride goes before a fall: Martin Amidu

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2020-11-21 00:32:18
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Pride goes before a fall: Martin Amidu

"However, less did discerning Ghanaians know that Hon. Martin Amidu was harbouring a totally different intention or agenda. He was using the superficiality of resolute determination to fight official corruption as the springboard to achieve his hidden diabolic intent. No wonder that for almost three years that he had been in the post as the Special Prosecutor, he was unable to prosecute even a HOUSEFLY, let alone, successfully prosecuting any of the perceived corrupt officials Ghana abounds in." Adofo

Well, Adofo, once again, you've been given an opportunity to kick a penalty, and you cluelessly kicked the ball in the opposite direction. Amidu was unable to carry out his duties because his boss Akufo-Addo never had any intention of seeing him prosecute the corrupt officials in Akufo-Addo's government, hence Akufo-Addo tied Amidu's hands behind his back. Also, there's nothing in Amidu's employment contract that stipulates when he can resign from his job.

You can't view the timing of hi rsignation as being suspect, merely because you only see the impending elections but not the conduct of Akufo-Addo and his corrupt officials that compelled Amidu to finally tender his resignation. Why was Akufo-Addo wanting Amidu to insert certain language into the Agyapa Reoport that would look favorable to his Minister of Finance Ofori Atta? Isn't that presidential meddling and interference in an investigation? Akufo-Addo did not appoint Amidu to fight corruption,; Akufo-Addo appointed Amidu to co-opt him and thereby silence him and keep him from being critical of the Akufo-Addo's government. Isn't it the same the same trick Akufo-Addo played by buying journalist Kwaku Baako and thereby silencing investigative journalist Anas?

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