I launched Free SHS in 2015 – Mahama

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Comment: Say it where you said it

2020-11-24 14:10:35
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I launched Free SHS in 2015 – Mahama

How can he say this? "With the Community Day Schools we are building, we are going to add dormitory blocks for girls and boys so that those who don’t come from the community where the school is sited if they choose that school and they are posted there, they will be able to get a decent place to live and learn.”

Mahama should learn how to lie properly. if you add dormitories to day schools, do you still call them Day schools? Apart from girls and boys who else can occupy the dormitories? Did your plan for the E-blocks include dormitories or it's part of your mistakes you are coming to correct? You can only say what you said where you said it because you don't respect them.

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Oyibo on Nov 24, 2020 14:10
Say it where you said it