I'll abolish the speaking of English language in Ghana if elected as President - Akua Donkor

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2020-11-28 17:36:12
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Abolish English

So to you education means English? Is that your belief?. Just take a little time to examine the economies of China, Japan and even Brazil which are all non-English speaking countries and compare with Ghana where our entire education system is geared towards teaching students to speak English. Are you ashamed? If not then you should be, because you should ask yourself what advantage has it brought to us in terms of our development? We go to these countries to borrow money or seek their expertise in almost everything. I urge you to think and think again. Akua Donkor speaks sense and wisdom but unfortunately we are not interested in the truth or wisdom in Ghana. We are fascinated by fantasies and lies and corruption and anything foreign because we don't have a developed language of our own. Think !.

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Bawa on Nov 28, 2020 17:36
Re: Abolish English