I'll abolish the speaking of English language in Ghana if elected as President - Akua Donkor

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Comment: Are You That Daft ??

James B Awotwe
2020-11-28 17:48:03
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Re: I'll abolish the speaking of English language

... To quote Japanese, Chinese, Indians Saudi Arabians etc using their own language.

But what the idiot does not know is that those countries, each has JUST one language. Even China with more than 1 Billion citizens have mostly one language, with some very minor dialects. Saudis all use arabic. Indians use ENGLISH as official language since it is also multi-language nation.

Now consider Ghana: we have over 8 main languages. Do you mean to say we should have 8 languages running parallel in our schools and in the media? Assuming yes, must the president speak all 8 (or more) languages to address tha nation? Or should we need more than 8 interpreters to translate what he says?

Should we print 8 different passports, each with a translation in English so that when we travel abroad, the foreigner can also understand our Ewe, Ga, Twi, .... Shoule we print WASSCE/ University Exams in more than 8 languages ...

Now continue.....

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James B Awotwe on Nov 28, 2020 17:48
Are You That Daft ??