I'll abolish the speaking of English language in Ghana if elected as President - Akua Donkor

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2020-11-29 08:17:17
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So you think we're not improving our economy due to English? Do you know Republic of Ireland? What's their main language? Is it also among the 3rd world nations? Do you know the language spoken in Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, and the Isle of Man? Are they poor like we are?

Note that language contributes very little or zero to a national develeopment. Ghana's woes are purely caused by selfish interest propelled the kind of politics we have adopted. Until we're able to see the political light that fits us, we'll continue to wallow in poverty. China is a so-called democratic state with Chinese characteristics. Their leadership is all that has made the country rise from poverty. Dont even go there because I live here and can educate you on their political lines. I wish we can adpot and modify theirs. Corrupt officials are investigated, stripped of all their wealth gotten through corruoption, and put behind bars for 10-30 or more years. I mean even the money you have transfered abroad will be retrieved to the state. In cses where corruption led to murder, the officials involved face capital punishment, too. What happens in Ghana?

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isaac on Nov 29, 2020 08:17
Re: Abolish English