Asawase-Asokore Mampong chiefs summon Muntaka and Alidu for peace pact

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Comment: Re: 16 yrs of nothing. no development

2020-12-02 21:14:55
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16 yrs of nothing. no development

Fool, an MP is not accountable for "development" in a constituency, it is the GOVERNMENT. An MP can only advocate for his or her constituency, but governments hold development plans, programs and budgets. Go talk to your local government. And when you are counting the years to accuse an NDC MP, don't add NPP years!

Now to the summon: That NPP illiterate will not attend; he refused to attend a similar one called by Zongo elders and Imams, accusing them of being NDC!

On who will win, NPP/EC are rigging the election by removing names of PERCEIVED NDC voters from the register. This happened with the special voting in all of Kumasi. However, it is unlikely that alone will give NPP success. Not even the sharing of rice and money to the constituents and having them swear on the Quran to vote NPP.

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