I started Free SHS so why would I abolish it? - Mahama asks

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Comment: Why Ghana Has A Bad Leadership Gov'nt

Why Ghana Has A Bad Leadership Gov'nt
2020-12-04 11:44:53
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I started Free SHS so why would I abolish it? - Ma

With all these teenage pregnancies on the rise, more young girls going into the kaya business, children and toddlers begging on the streets for money, mental health problems on the rise among young children, more and more young people selling pure water and dog chains on the streets, severe youth unemployment etc. the Ghanaian president Nana Addo and the NPP are still making noise about free SHS after 4 years in government.

Seriously, why are some African leaders so stupid and would always want to jump from level 1 to level 10 without following the proper steps? Did the NPP just implemented the free SHS just to score political points instead of going through the right proceedings? How on earth can you make education free and not buck it up with law and the right structures and measures it deserves so that parents and even the children themselves would not have a valid reason for not going to school?

The NPP is a capitalist government that believes more in the profits of a company than the people working in the company, forgetting that without the people there won’t be any profit for the company. With this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana would need a socialist government, a more people centred government to ease the pain and suffering and there are 11 opposition parties to choose from.

The NPP and Nana Addo has seriously failed Ghanaians and does not deserve another chance.
Leadership is not about winning at all cost, but providing prosperity through sustainability for humankind.

May GOD bless Ghana and make her greater and stronger for generations to come.

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Why Ghana Has A Bad Leadership Gov'nt on Dec 4, 11:44
Why Ghana Has A Bad Leadership Gov'nt