Economist bulldozes Bawumia with 555 questions on the banking sector crisis

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Comment: Economist! From where!

2020-12-07 23:00:40
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Economist bulldozes Bawumia with 555 questions on

This so called economist is simply not abreast with current thinking but that of late 20th century. Banks extract from the productive sector but do not add on it. He should be thinking about the negative impact of high interest rates on businesses that prevailed during period, looting of the banks assets by owner shareholders and the high level of non-performing loans due to bad decisions. The employees of those banks were in phantom jobs because they were making paper profits not backed any real assets. All those banks were insolvent and would have gone into liquidation anyway. In the circumstance the Bank Of Ghana’s decision to restructure the finance sector was bold and has been effective.

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Akoronfuo on Dec 7, 23:00
Economist! From where!