Voters queue several hours with chairs, stones ahead of today's election

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Comment: Akyem hav colonised Ashanti Royalties

Wisdom Disclaimer
2020-12-07 07:02:00
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Voters queue several hours with chairs, stones ahe

The Ameri Scandal in August 2018, led the sacking of Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko for the interests of the Presidents extended Family in the Ameri Scandal...Many people in Strong hold Ashanti Region are not happy with the NPP because lucrative government contracts are mostly given to Akuffo Addo's Akyem businessmen and their cronies, and not Ashantes..
07 December will decide the wisdom or foolishness of the Ashanti Kingdom. ... Agyapa Royal deal is the seal of Akyem dominance over the Great Ashanti Kingdom if NPP is voted into Power.. Great Ashanti man will not witness the official Hand overs of our Rich Ashanti Gold Royalties to the Akyem Family and friends... God forbid!!, Ken Ofori Atta Data Bank will never Flourish on Ashanti man gold royalties.. Rise, Great Ashanti man, Protect your Pride!!... #Monkey de work,Baboon Akyem Sakawa dey Chop will not don...
#Ameri deal, cash for seat, Ken bond, PDS, ESLA, criminal sale of 500 excavators, seizure of gold and smelling it in Switzerland, Agyapa royal deal, Intentionally contaminating oil and selling it among Akyem criminal, Australia visa fraud, brown envelope and the lists go on forever. Those Akyem judges packed at the courts to defend NPP will be sorted out clean. Ghana is not for Akyem clans. Stupid foolish silly idiots.

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Wisdom Disclaimer on Dec 7, 07:02
Akyem hav colonised Ashanti Royalties