Pressure mounts on John Mahama to concede defeat

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Comment: Who is John Mahama?

2020-12-11 18:07:07
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Pressure mounts on John Mahama to concede defeat

Who the fuck is John Mahama? If Ghanaians did not vote for him as president, on what grounds will he have ruled the country? Ghana does not belongs to him and if he will not concede, he can just leave Ghana and head to Papua New Guinea.

Few people in their life-time will ever have the chance of becoming president and are satisfied with that. But Mahama is the only person in Ghana who thinks that he should be president no matter what the circumstances. What kind of nonsense is that?

Let me remind Mahama that once upon a time, Akwasi Amankwaah Afrifa told Ghanaians that quote, "Ghana is in his hands like a egg". Unquote, Where is Afrifa? Mahama, where is Afrifa?

Also, JJ in his hay days as a "revolutionary leader" was asked by a BBC journalist if he will ever hand over power? He said quote, "To whom". Meaning, there is nobody in Ghana who can rule the country other than him. Now, my question to Mahama is, where is JJ? He is resting comfortably in a deep freezer dead.

That two scenario should tell John Mahama something if he is human with a thinking faculty which I hope doesn't have any.

You have been president before so, what are you looking for in life? Can you swallow Ghana into your belly and how will you walk? You are too greedy and remember that one of sin which the Bible speaks against is Greed.

You are too greedy. Put yourself into the shoes of a human being in Ghana who begs before making ends meet and how will you do if you are the beggar?

Do not concede but rather, stage a coup with your family and overthrow the government and let's see. Foolish man.

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Pelicles on Dec 11, 2020 18:07
Who is John Mahama?