Pressure mounts on John Mahama to concede defeat

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Comment: Mahama is a disgrace.

2020-12-11 19:33:05
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Pressure mounts on John Mahama to concede defeat

Mahama is a disgrace to Ghanaians! You have been an Assembly Man, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister, Minister , Vice-president and President. What else do you want? Your actions are suspect! You need to be a team player and behave as normal human being. Life is too short for all these nonsense, please! I said it from DAY 1 that your brand of language and your thinking pattern must be analyzed carefully. You need to change your modus operandi now. Your kids and wives are well protected. Whom do You expect to die for your selfish interest,Sir? You don't have to a President in order to help Ghana!!!

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Sule on Dec 11, 2020 19:33
Mahama is a disgrace.