EC officer claimed NDC's copy of declared results in Techiman were burnt - Iddrisu

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Comment: Declaration Form Not Same As Pink Sheet

Kojo Sromani
2020-12-15 14:10:55
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NDC pink sheets in Techiman South ‘mysteriously

You are all getting it wrong. What the NDC is saying is that the Declaration form which indicates the collated figures, and which is used by the Returning Officer to declare the winner, is what the official claims is burnt. This form must be the basis for the NDC to file their complaint. However, the NDC has all their pink sheets which they will then tender in evidence to counter what is on the Declaration form. The alternative now is for the NDC to wait for the EC to gazette the results after 21 days, then they can file their law suit based on what is gazetted for Techiman South. So the illiterates and sycophantic NPP supporters must spare us their ignorance. Instead of helping us build a true democratic process for the sake of the peace and progress of this country, we are here supporting criminality by an electoral official who decides to deny a party their copy of the Declaration form they are entitled to, simply because he knows that he had called the election for the wrong person. This is why we remain where we are: a criminally minded people who glorify thievery and everything that is evil so long as it satisfies our selfish desires. Like Wole Soyinka said, "it is only in Africa that when the looters regroup to loot the country, you find the youth whose future is being stolen go out to jubilate". May God have mercy on us.

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Kojo Sromani on Dec 15, 2020 14:10
Declaration Form Not Same As Pink Sheet