2020 Elections: The remarkable story of how Bawumia has turned the North into a battleground

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Comment: Well done Vice President

Eric Baah
2020-12-17 08:35:11
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2020 Elections: The remarkable story of how Bawumi

l am proud of your enthusiasm and political change in the Northern Region. You deserved to be Vice and 2024 be the President of NPP. Nothing will stop you. Please Ghanaians we must understand and open our mind to understand the political era we are in today and its dynamics. We are in a global world and as such we think beyond box. When someone did well , please voice out the encouragement words and avoid pretending and negative that has killed our motherland for decade. When people need to applause do so with goods heart. Thanks

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Eric Baah on Dec 17, 2020 08:35
Well done Vice President