If anything can destroy our democracy, it is the intolerance from those in power

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Comment: Why blame the gov't for EC's Errors

Owura Kofi
2020-12-18 12:21:59
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If anything can destroy our democracy, it is the i

How does any rational being expect the EC chair to listen to what the NDC says? The instant Ms Jean Mensah was appointed EC Chairperson, the NDC executives came out to say that they will "make her work difficult." Check the news and their chairman Ofosu Ampofo's leaked tape. The NDC have opposed and viciously criticized almost everything the EC does.
I suspect that the EC has internal saboteurs. 1.How did the over 21,000 names vanish from the new voters register during the exhibition? 2. Who calculated the final results of the Presidential Election, and handed it to the EC Chair to announce? How did the numerous errors happen? 3. Why did an EC polling station representative tear-off Nana Addo from ballot papers? The EC must commission an external entity to thoroughly investigate every mistake and infraction of EC staff.
The NDC must go to court if they have any legitimate concerns. I believe that the NDC's demonstrations and press conferences are to discredit the EC and to taint President Nana Addo's victory. They planned this ahead of the elections. Their demonstrations can degenerate into chaos to destabilize the nation. That's what should concern every rational Ghanaian.

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Owura Kofi on Dec 18, 2020 12:21
Why blame the gov't for EC's Errors