Ghanaian Times: We must protect the reputation of Ghana!

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Comment: Ndc want disgrace our nation Ghana.

Fredopapa ??
2020-12-22 06:17:28
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AUTHOR :PATRIOTIC GHANAIAN ------- What at all do you want in life? Your father E. A. Mahama, a minister in Nkrumah's CPP, sent all his children to the North to have FREE EDUCATION. You had free education from Class ONE thru University level. You were on Government scholarship to Russia. You became Assembly man, an MP, a deputy Minister, a Minister, a Vice President, a President: all in that ascending order. You presided over the MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT in the history of Ghana. In fact, you were yourself deeply involved in all ACTS OF CORRUPTION from Aeroplanes buying to infinity. You stole so much so that a judge described your government as CREATE, LOOT and SHARE. John Mahama, What at all do you want again in this world of Ghana?

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Fredopapa ?? on Dec 22, 2020 06:17
Ndc want disgrace our nation Ghana.