RE: Ken Ofori-Atta will die in 2021

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Comment: False prophet!!!

2021-01-04 20:07:37
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RE: Ken Ofori-Atta will die in 2021

Is there any legal case to make against this false prophet who thinks he can terrorize the honorable Finance Minister with his false prophesy?
"Dry wells, fruitless trees, raging waves, wandering stars, brute beasts, hideous stains, vomit-eating dogs, mud-loving pigs, and ravenous wolves—that is how the Bible describes false prophets (cf. 2 Peter 2; Jude)." The New Testament reserves its harshest words of condemnation for those who would falsely claim to speak revelation from God. And what the Bible condemns, we must also condemn—doing so with equal vigor and force.

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Duash on Jan 4, 20:07