Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, criminal’ SALL, Hohoe situation

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Comment: Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi

2021-01-05 08:38:40
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Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi

Dummy, because the presidential election was not based on constituencies like the parliamentary election. Voting in a constituency is to elect a representative of the constituency and therefore only voters registered in that constituency can vote, whereas the presidential election was to elect a national representative or a president. If SALL has been gazetted as part of Buem constituency in the Oti Region, then on what legal basis is the claim that voters in SALL should have voted in the Hohoe constituency? The argument is that voters in SALL had the right to vote, but only in Buem constituency where they belong and not in Hohoe in the Volta Region. If you don't you get this then you are truly dumb.

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Diawuo on Jan 5, 08:38
Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi