Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, criminal’ SALL, Hohoe situation

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Comment: Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi

2021-01-05 08:39:15
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Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimina

Choooo boe, Choooo boe, Cho cho cho boe, boys the hour is at hand , begin assembling all available bindingers to cross the D line. The ground is very conducive for take over. 16 old boys company chaps have volunteered to chase this fucking civilians out. All they need is a little push from the current military cum boys scout luxurious Army. The most sensible L/Cpl from 2BN should standby to take over the mantle of affairs . We the OR's will show the Cols how to do it. We have done it before and history is going to repeat itself. Walai! sansan go up. All ex boys company chaps from 63yrs and below should standby. Choooooo boe!

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Sansan on Jan 5, 08:39
Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi