Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, criminal’ SALL, Hohoe situation

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Comment: SALL is a BAT district

Patriot 4 Truth
2021-01-05 11:17:16
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Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimina

The SALL. Question: The people of this Guan enclave, are they part of Oti region or Volta region.? EC did not disenfranchise them in the selection of their president but parliamentary representative . SALL for local representation is A BAT district. Not Volta nor Oti. Until that issue is resolved Hohoe ( Volta) and Buem ( Oti) constituencies elections must stay unperturbed! Guan is part of Oti region. Not Volta region.

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Patriot 4 Truth on Jan 5, 11:17
SALL is a BAT district