Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, criminal’ SALL, Hohoe situation

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2021-01-05 13:23:10
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Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimina

when did we and the NDC leadership know that the people of SALL have rights that need protection?
Had not the sittuation now in parliament come about wouldn't we have folded our arms and gone to sleep. Tell me I'm wrong!
SALL is only now of strategic value; thus prompting this knee-jerk reaction from many. Legal challenge is fine but must be within the Rule of Law. Civil disobedience and violent reaction serves whose best interest?
Believe me, this would only serve the interest of the Nation Wrecking Pretenders who have benefited from and seek to continue to benefit from the misery and degradation of our good people; and keep these selfish bullies employed and plundering our limited national resources.
Ghana has had national government since 1992, under the current constitutional dispensation... And what have the people of SALL got to show for it; inspite of the loyalty to the NDC?
We need more nonconformist and multiparty revolutionaries to institute reforms that will bring positive change to our political parties, and other institutions for the good of Ghana.
These Armchair political leaders, some of whom claim to "know it all", are so shallow and apologies of leaders when it comes to people centred governance and patriotism. Corruption may be in the ruling government, what of the past NDC government? What about the current leadership of the NDC and other parties, and even CSO's like yours? Or even the PATRONISING NATURE OF OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM ITSELF. Our system is primed to breed patronage and too powerful executive which could breed self-serving leaders to a great extent.
We are heavily challenged and need reform in our political system and internal party structures to instill accountability to party members and country; produce patriotic and tested selfless leaders; produce knowledgeable and well groomed uncorrupted public service; engineer an alert and sensitive citizenry; among many other things.
The matters of SALL are important but the Body Politic of Ghana must be on the front burner not self-glorifying rhetoric that may not obtain the right results.

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ROLAND DARKO M. on Jan 5, 13:23
Re: Franklin Cudjoe drags EC over ‘inhumane, crimi