'Akanfour party' tag, perception in politics hurts

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Comment: Hmmm

2021-02-12 10:08:14
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'Akanfour party' tag, perception in politics hurts

Dear Writer,
Your quest is noble but you grasp on the challenges of dealing with ethnocentricity needs some work as evidenced by your labeling of Dr. Bawumia as "The only competent non-akan" Secondly the tokenism associated with electing one person as a response to institutionalised bias and discrimination has never ended well. Creating diversity is an intentional effort that must happens at all levels especially in the minds of party members and supporters. Case in point, the election of Obama in the USA.

As observed, your quest is noble but please study the subject matter and look for successful case studies (there are lots of them) and apply the lessons therin and and you will succeed

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WO on Feb 12, 2021 10:08