Heads of missionary schools must stop acting like machine tenders

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Comment: Discipline.

2021-05-02 14:35:25
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Heads of missionary schools must stop acting like

Well written but the conclusion left a bad taste in my mouth.

Whereas the missionaries did their utmost to educate us, the same cannot be said about the moslem folk who were on our land centuries before the missionaries. Please, do not rile me up with the madrassah at Timbuctu being established as the so-called oldest university in Africa. Name one scientist from that uni over the past eight hundred years?

When did wearing a head scarf by a teenage girl become a source of advancement? Fasting is not obligatory for youngsters in Islam.

Trouble is, African moslems are so obsessed with "Arab Cultural Vanity"that they fail to see themselves as African/Ghanaian first.

Discipline and uniformity is the code in all formal institutions.

The missionaries did the same in Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. Sadly, the Christians in those countries are treated with the utmost contempt unimaginable by this writer.

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YAW on May 2, 14:35