Akufo-Addo should stop the coronavirus testing frauds at the Kotoka International Airport

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Comment: This is a disturbing development

2021-07-31 21:42:04
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Re: Akufo-Addo should stop the coronavirus testing

There are videos on Social Media about coronavirus testing fraud at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana. Two of the are quite disturbing, one by a UK lady and another one by a US lady, both of Ghana descents who were coming to visit families. This bears all the signs of an organised crime from the top because the perpetrators seem empowered and victims completely destroyed, desolate and powerless.

In one of the videos, the lady said she feels entrapped because she was forcefully sent to this M-Plaza hotel. All she had with her were her hand luggage and cabin case. The majority of the visitors are on short stay to visit friends and families. Some of them have completed the full course of covid vaccination as was the case for the UK lady.

People in their 50s and 60s, would remember that Ghana was on its knee due to corruption and it would appear that the country had not learnt any lessons from the past because it looks like the country is gradually descending into the abyss. The question I am asking myself, is what parts, if any, do the Ghana government have to play in this scam. Has GhanaWeb approached the government to get some answers?

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