Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

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Comment: Truth will set us free

Kwaku NiPa
2013-02-01 03:54:40
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Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

Kofi, this is fantastic. The truth is in Ghana today, truth has gone to the dogs! Otherwise, can you explain to me why a government glaringly condones and connives with a clever thief to dupe the nation of millions of credits and yet there are people who are happily supporting the thief? Do you know that if this had happened in any civilized nation, the government would have been forced to resign and thos involved prosecuted nd jailed by now? But hat do we see? Our money is stolen through dubious judgement debts, used to dole out to people who are so naive during elections, and then the people through this peculiarly gains vote for the government? What a pity? Only god knows how much money was splashed all over the place to buy votes! Yes, our stolen money to buy votes to lecture unqualified parliamentarians, just to ensure that this government is perpertuated in power! Is this justice? Yes, the onus lies on the Supreme judges to show their worth! We are watching! But the truth is that God the Almighty is watching the more. Should there be any miscarriage of justice, the wrath of God will come upon this land. Hi you all right thinking Ghanians up there, get down on your knees to say a prayer for Ghana so that the truth will be told and we as a nation will be set free and indeed, set free from any civil commotion! God save Ghana.

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Kwaku NiPa on Feb 1, 03:54