Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

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2013-02-01 15:59:04
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Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

I am very sure the writer of this piece is still wallowing in the dark as a result of the shock and the disappointment that threw the whole NPP into the day dreaming that they find themselves. I cannot understand why some people still think they were the only people who went to cast their votes during the 2012 general elections and therefore the NPP should win. Again, people are refusing to recognize that with the 10 regions of the country the NPP won in Only 2 regions. Indeed, men of high intellect are not realizing that the same elections that got the MPs into parliament with the NDC in the majority, is what voted for the NDC presidential candidate. These are the basic logical arguments and realities that they have tried to evade or overlooked and that is where they will be shocked the more. Indeed, this writer in all is in the known that they NPP will lose the court case and is making frantic efforts to intimidate the Supreme court judges with his reference to what happened to the 3 Judges during the early days of the uprising in our country which wounds have been healed over time. The writer should also not forget that those who voted for the NDC are also closely monitoring what is going on at the Supreme court and will at the appropriate moment and time will also react accordingly. Nobody will in any way intimidate the Judges or compel them to do anything to the contrary. For the information of the writer the Judges also voted and monitored what went into the elections so it will not be that they will over look the truth and failed to give justice to the teaming voters who woke up down to braise the weather to cast their votes. In as much as we all want justice and fairness the act of inciting the supporters against the verdict of the Supreme court by the NPP surrogates should cease forth with .

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PAA NII TESHIE. on Feb 1, 15:59
Re: Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1