What an Historic Supreme Court Judgement?

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Comment: Stupid Analysis

Nana Otunfour Cocain Addo-Danquah
2013-02-06 02:47:55
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Its rather we do so many things in Ghana based on guess work. You noted in youe article that"I do not know what justifiable reason/s the EC offered for their objection. I guess it could be that they may have to ask for permission from all those concerned to provide their private and personal details, especially, home or residential addresses to avoid breaching Data Protection Legislation in their respective countries of residence at the time of the registration and voting". Since your analysis if guess work its completely plague of foolish thinking. We are talking of legal issues and pronuncements are based on facts preseneted. It will be better for you to talk on facts. The judges voted on fact but you are guesing. please be a bit intelectiual if not legally minded.

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Nana Otunfour Cocain Addo-Danquah on Feb 6, 02:47