In The Mind Of A “Deviant”

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Comment: Stay Away Till Crosswalks Are Created

2013-02-09 08:43:51
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In The Mind Of A “Deviant”

The mere fact that one is acrophobic does not permit him/her to cross the road anywhere to subject his life as well as that of motorist to undue danger. I am asthmatic and conventional wisdom tells me stay away from dusty places. Much the same way,in the absence of crosswalks, those who believe they are acrophobics should do themselves a big favor to stay clear of the highway if they cannot cross at the specified points. They have to relocate if the building of the highway is causing impediment in their day to day activities for the sake their dear lives. That is how you do it if you want to survive,for this world is not perfect and cannot have whatever you want.

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MR. FIGURE-OUT on Feb 9, 08:43
Stay Away Till Crosswalks Are Created