Ghana's fall from serial favourites to serious flops

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Comment: @AI Bravo BUT......

2013-02-14 11:31:35
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4 coaches in 5 years

You make very important observations about how Ghana can't keep coaches. There are reasons why Ghana can't keep coaches, and I can mention a few reasons why. The 4 coaches you mentioned struggled to make immediate impact because they are not your top 10% in terms of quality in international coaching. Ghana cannot afford to pay coaches of that calibre, period. Assuming Ghana can afford TOP-TIER coaches, the latter would struggle to adjust to the way Ghana does business and also our cultural attitudes. So Ghana is getting second and third tier quality coaching at a high price. IF GHANA WANTS TO GO LOCAL, fine........it has to make sure that:

1) the Local coach including his assistant are the best amongst all the others.
AA was nominated without competing with other Ghanaian coaches, home and abroad. Assuming the hiring committee went through standard protocol where the job was advertised, and all applicants were vetted and AA came out as the best that would have been okay with most of us.

2) the most different is to have a local coach and his technical team competitive on the international stage....by that I mean how technologically educated are they. Old school coaching is not enough. The coach must know about high-tech stats, data reading and how to apply that information to his tactics. Is the local coach confident enough and competent enough to apply and be able to function as coach in an European economy. If not then the coach will always play second fiddle.

3) the GFA is the sole organization that can provide the above. They are also responsible for keeping out corruption, bribery, favoritism out of the system and organization. That calls for personnel of the highest integrity, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

4) the best local coach with the support of his technical team should be entrusted with the sole responsibility of selecting the best Ghanaian players home and abroad for each position, without favoritism.The attributes of the selected players must be earmarked and justified in terms of averages: pace, stamina, strength, assists per game, goals per season, mileage per game, errors per game, passes, etc.

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