Ghana's fall from serial favourites to serious flops

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Comment: @Anokwale

2013-02-14 15:47:56
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You are correct..

Anokwale did you really mean what you said or it is a joke:
"3) Touting local champions to be selected is unrealistic (Solomon Asante is good but he missed an easy opportunity in the first half against Burkina and Clottey proved that he really is not that good)" Gyan missed more chances in the Cape Verde match than what Clottey and Solomon Asante missed together in the whole tournament.

Why are you against the selection of local players? Mba of Nigeria is a local player, he scored against Ivory Coast and he scored against Burkina. Did you not see the talent in Solomon Asante or Clottey? Clottey was never given a chance to start any of the matches for him to prove himself or to screw up. Believe it or not the local players are hungrier. In Afcon 2012 Zambia used mostly local players and some who ply their trade in African except a few such as Mayuka. You are pushing for local coaches......sounds fair...some of us are pushing for the best local coach.....if it is AA, then there must be proof through competition amongst all the Ghanaian local coaches home and abroad. GFA just gave it AA without screening other potential Ghanaian candidates. Anokwale, you are against good local players but you are pushing for incompetent local coach. Why?

You also said:
"Had we met Togo instead, we would have been in the final." There is no proof of that, because they could have beaten us, or we could have beaten them.

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CEREBRAL on Feb 14, 2013 15:47