Lessons from the Tragic Death of Alhaji Issah Mobila

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Comment: Grave repercussions for GAF

2013-02-21 04:21:24
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Jail Addo Kuffour

The issue here is not just the seeming justice purported to have been served. This injustice will go a long way to affect discipline in the GAF. Next time you ask a soldier to carry out orders/instructions especially in the face of national threats, he will have every right to refuse to carry out those orders because those who authourised the action would be freed. Why should Addo Kuffuor and the Co 6Bn be left off the hook when they were in charge?. think !!! Command has a serious negetive precedence on hand and it will eventually slap them in the face. I think NPP just came to destroy vital state institutions.

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BOMBER on Feb 21, 2013 04:21
Grave repercussions for GAF