Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

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Albert Nuhu, PhD.
2013-02-21 01:50:31
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Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

Good history lesson. Teacher Mahama, the new Bolewura will be different indeed. The late Bolewura was as corrupt as hell; the most corrupt chief Bole has ever known. Under Mr. Mahama, we all have hope for sanity in Bole and bole people will have their lands back. Today, Jeremiah, the late Bolewura's son, who sold all lands for his father and his pockets will be brought to justice. I urge all Bole people who were wronged by Jeremiah to come forward so that we shall get this land problem settled by Teacher Mahama. Long live Bolewura Teacher Mahama.

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Albert Nuhu, PhD. on Feb 21, 2013 01:50
Re: Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.