The sad end of Dr. Afari Djan

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mensah abrampa
2013-02-23 16:35:00
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Corruption is an ailment that afflicts most ghanaians whether they belong to the NDC, CPP, NPP,PNC, PNP,PPP etc. Rawlings preached against corruption and murdered ghanaians on mere allegations of corruption but refused to tell and inspire ghanaians with his rags to riches story. Till today the man who made probity, transparency and accountability household words in Ghana would not agree to take the medicine he prescribed for all ghanaians. It was not only Rawlings whose life transformation caused a stir and murmuring among ghanaians.The 3 Ahwoi brothers, Kofi Totobi Kwakyi and many others came very poor and left filthy rich.Ok? Rawlings PNDC/NDC rule was the longest in our history but emerged as the worst in terms of every aspect of nation building.
When Mills became president he took over from an NPP administration that had made modest gains with the economy and through the rule of law restored confidence once lost among the international community under the previous NDC administration. We found oil and the confidence of ghanaians soared and once again ghanaians walked with a new swagger,hopes rekindled and highly optimistic of the future. 4 years into the NDC administration and ghanaian hopes are dashed. The country is broke.Official corruption skyrocketed instead of receding and dubious judgement debts were settled out of court to NDC cronies.Many of the social intervention programs initiated by the previous administration suffered setbacks because of poor management. Rationing of power and water has become the order of the day, more than anytime under the NPP administration.The administration have removed the subsidy on fuel, the safety net for the majority poorly paid ghanaian workers and the prices of goods and services have jumped to the roof.We produce crude oil locally and we have an oil refinery in Tema to boot but we keep importing petrol at great cost. Before the elections the Mahama administration doled out laptops, 4x4 luxury trucks,etc. and increased their salaries when all ghanaians were suffering. Lest I forget, immediately after taking office they went on a borrowing spree and borrowed more than all previous administrations put together. What did we get in exchange for the huge loans? Nothing except eliminating some of the schools under trees and replacing them with classroom blocks.We have gold, diamond, crude oil, etc, etc. Do we have to be in such a mess? No ! The Kuffour NPP administration was not perfect but it was a million times better than this NDC administration.

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mensah abrampa on Feb 23, 2013 16:35