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The Supreme Court At A Stage Of Destiny And Glory

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Comment: Supreme Court

spiritual not religious
2013-02-27 04:16:23
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The Supreme Court At A Stage Of Destiny And Glory

NO Rev or pastor or so called modern day prophet can ever be a man of God. These people have not even opened their "single eye" or 3rd eye - matt 6:22 to even qualified as disciples of a spiritual path to be called Man of God. They all reside in the lower chakras in the body practising morality and they call it spirituality. You have to have the ability to soul tranport at will into the worlds of God EVEN THE BODY whilst living like Paul was able to do and Jesus talks about in John 17. This is rampant in the Eastern teachings and is known to true spiritual people. They have not mastered their karmas to be even called saints ort Masters.

They still posses their anger, lust, vanity, greed & attachment and they think they are saved, funny. They have a lot of lifetimes to go before they can even be on a true spiritual path.

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spiritual not religious on Feb 27, 2013 04:16