Eddie Annan lied to Ghanaians

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2013-02-26 20:27:20
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Eddie Annan lied to Ghanaians

Mr. WRITER, you sound as though you have a personal score to settle with Mr. Eddie Annan. I am not sure if I have ever Met Mr. Eddie Annan but I have only heard good things about the man. That is NOT to say that he has not done bad things, including what you have woefully and miserably failed to articulate here. What is this? Is this your contribution to the education we want to get on the WEB? What a MORON

Please, I am not trying to hold brief for Mr. Annan. But I am sure you posted this article so others may read it and comment on it.

You sound too BITTER to be taken seriously and you seem to be all over the place, repeating and contradicting yourself.

Sir, with all due respect, do you seriously believe you have done the right thing by publicly lambasting Mr. Eddie Annan like you have done here?

In one breadth you say he lied when he said he never signed a Contract as Chairman of Korle Bu. In another breadth you say it was a service contract and Mr. Eddie Annan does not know that a service contract is, and so long as there is Offer and Acceptance and Consideration there is a contract. Indeed, You know what a contract is. Good for you.

If you accept that all of the above then you have, inferentially, admitted that Mr. Eddie Annan did NOT LIE, he just does not know what is a contract.

But Ghanaians will take issue with this one. I am not trying to take anything away from you or your hatred for Mr. Annan. But I have heard he has done well for himself as a businessman and has something to show for it.

The Appointing Authority may have been swayed by his successes in business in considering him for the position of Korle Bu Board Chairman.

If you believe he is incompetent I think you need to direct your assessment of him to those who appointed him.

Sir, please, the way you are going you may get killed by your own venom.

You may want to seek Psychiatric help before you become a victim of your own circumstances.

You would be more effective and sound more convincing Carrying 4 Placards, 2 stringed at your front and back and One in each hand, shouting at the top of your voice at Makola or Circle.

What you have attempted to do here is to make a COMPLETE ASS of YOURSELF.

Please have my PITY and don't forget to get help.

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MANTSE on Feb 26, 2013 20:27