Eddie Annan lied to Ghanaians

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Comment: Eddie annan lied to ghanains

osei whiwdie
2013-02-27 06:26:55
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Mahama cant sack me he is also a thief

The writer is a Northener, The Medical Director of the ministry of health Dr anamana is also a norterner alao A Northener and Mahama Is a northerner . The writer apparently has problemms because he is not having things his way. He is thus resorting to DEFAMATION, EDDIE Is A liar he says. These Northerness must go back to their Home towns to STOP civil Barbaric Wars and stop being PARASITES. EDDIE should stay put. DONT MIND THEM THESE lazzy Idiots

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osei whiwdie on Feb 27, 2013 06:26
Eddie annan lied to ghanains