Beware of the Devil Incarnates within the NPP

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Comment: Black man

Black man no progress
2013-02-28 22:58:59
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Beware of the Devil Incarnates within the NPP

So,anybody who will oppose the court action is an NDC. Then what about J.J who opposed Mills administration is he Npp?let me tell you in 2012,America election,some state like virginal was not able to announce their result until Obama was declared a winner because of voter machine not working.I know the reason why Npp is doing that is because Mahamma is northner and they think Akanfo will vote for him.Fantes do understand democracy and they know,that they have to allow the sitting government to rule for eight years.They did for JJ and they did it for Kurfour.

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Black man no progress on Feb 28, 2013 22:58