Will the NPP boycott independence anniversary celebration too?

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2013-03-05 03:02:58
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I knew it was Bokor before opening mail!

Sarpong how are you even fit to insult Dr. Boko? Quiet frankly, you are not his colleague in any respect. You respond to everyone with insults untill the they respond to to a point that the kitchen becomes hot for you to STAY in, then you start disguising your self with different monikers like you doing right now..
What did Dr Boko do to deserve the NDC bed-wetter insult?. You and your friend Oba-bema Akadu Kurang-Parry is the reason why some of us decided to come here and stoop to your levels OK?.If DR Boko is dumb, then what are you? We have read from the two of you for a while now and we know the difference.- and you are not even close to him.
NPP so call smart people are the ones who sent polling station agents on election day, drugged them to let them cause trouble, and instead, they could'n't stay awake to be vigilant so when all was done, you NPPians naturally thought that, if your guys slept all night and the result was that you lost, then mahama's vigilant men, who took coffee and stayed awake, must have stolen some votes, how foolis? The funny thing is that why would a guy like Mahama, whom you guys call pepeni fool, and other insulting labels be able to pull a fast one on the NPP so call smart guys to a point that some of you are losing your minds? Yes, a bunch of confused stupid guys like you Sarpong, Adofo, Ahoofe, Katakyie Akadu Akurang-Parry, and the rest of the knuckle-heads are running amok and loosing your heads like some crazy Canadian drunkards that I know. Idon't understand how any level headed educated people would allow themselves to be misled and misused, by Nana to a point that you cannot even reason with your own minds like PIANIM and BROBBEY. You cannot even understand that nothing,I say nothing, is going to change in Ghana so long as the presidency is concern.
How can we understand your level of reasoning beyond thinking that you guys are insane?

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KARI BANDA on Mar 5, 03:02