Will the NPP boycott independence anniversary celebration too?

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Comment: Was Independence A Bad Thing For Ghana?

2013-03-05 08:47:56
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Only poor people who do not cherish quality life do pride themselves in the celebration of Ghana's Independence. With the booming natural resources left, right and center, Ghana should have been a paradise in Africa, if not in the whole wide world, under the mastership of the representatives of God on earth. 56 years down the road after independence, people in Accra, the Capital, still shit in the open at the beaches and in gutters. Yet they pride themselves in celebrating an independent that has virtually brought nothing good in the lives of the citizenry, mostly due to the near 30 wasted year rule of the idiots in the NDC today and its dictatorial and Ashanti hate laced rule of the past AFRC and the PNDC regimes. Even if it was true that some people wrote to the British to have pulled the breaks on granting us independence, me think it was a step in the right direction because the Blackman has failed big time in managing his own afair. Growing up in Mbrom, a suburb in Kumasi, every street in Kumasi was tarred with streetlight almost everywhere in the city. What do we see today after Nkrumah, the demigod, forced the

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MOZATO on Mar 5, 08:47
Was Independence A Bad Thing For Ghana?